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 About the Artiste
Sanjeev Chimmalgi,New Mumbai

Sanjeev Chimmalgi, New Mumbai

Sanjeev is a ganda-bandh disciple of Padmabhushan Pt. C. R. Vyas. Earlier, Sanjeev has also had the opportunity to learn under Pt. Madhav Gudi of Dharwad (an exponent of Kirana Gharana).

Coming from a music loving family, he has chosen to pursue it full time (inspite of being a qualified engineer and CAD specialist). Sanjeev's music reflects the voice culture of Kirana Gharana as well as the bandish oriented singing of the Gwalior / Agra Gharanas which Pt. C. R. Vyas belongs to.

Sanjeev has performed at several conferences in Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Kolkata, Miraj, Nagpur, etc. He topped the All India Youth Competition in 1993 conducted by AIR. He was also awarded the National scholarship (1995-98) by the Government of India.

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