Year: 2017


GST for musicians and sound professionals : Q&A part 1

Posted On26/12/2017
The Goods and Services Tax in India is a landmark change in the indirect taxation system, aimed to simplify doing business across all sectors and across our country. The GST Council is listening to…

Overview on GST Act for music and sound professionals

Posted On23/12/2017
What is GST? Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a multi-stage tax levied on every value addition at each stage, and the chain will finally end when such goods or services are consumed by an end-user…

Sound engineering skills grow with each project…

Posted On19/12/2017
There is nothing against schools of audio engineering being written here. Infact, their existence is very much needed. It’s a different story that the quality of courses being offered by some…

To Rent or To Buy a property for your studio? A financial take.

Posted On13/12/2017
You want to set up your own studio. But cannot decide whether to buy or rent a property? Read on and then make a “sound” decision. Numbers speak for themselves just like your meters indicate. And…
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Use of Direct Injection (DI) box

Posted On12/12/2017
DI (DIRECT INJECTION) BOX It takes unbalanced inputs, and coverts them to a balanced output. In addition to this, many DI boxes offer the ability to take an instrument level input (such as a guitar…