Author: Aditya Mehta

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Register your Spetrasonics serials

Posted On13/12/2019
As soon as you get your Spectrasonics box pack from, please follow these steps: For the first Spectrasonics product, create a User Account here >> The Spectrasonics User Account…
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Register your FabFilter activation code

Posted On13/12/2019
After you purchase a FabFilter product activation code from, register it here >> If you don't have a personal FabFilter Account, you can create at the time of entering the…
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Register your TYE serial

Posted On13/12/2019
Once you have purchased your TrainYourEars serial from, register / download it from here >>    
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Register your ujam Promo Code

Posted On13/12/2019
After you purchase a Ujam product activation key (called promo code) from, follow these instructions to register, download and activate your software. Enter your SudeepAudio + Ujam…
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Register your Audionamix serial

Posted On13/12/2019
After you have purchased your Audionamix software serial from, follow these instructions. As a first-time user, you will have to create a user account (Sign Up) with Audionamix for…