Author: Ahitagni Dasgupta

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Servicing Vintage Electronics

Posted On25/07/2019
Vintage electronics have their own charm; for some its nostalgia, for some its antique value and for some its just the way they work and perform. These systems, typically between the 1950’s to the…

RME FireFace UCX Review

Posted On10/01/2018
A small yet powerful package from RME featuring a decent number of Digital and Analog I/Os with two Microphone Preamps. Yes, it is the Fireface UCX. I have been using this audio interface ever since…
HD Vinyl

The Rebirth of Analog

Posted On06/11/2017
‘Analog Sound’ is natural sound, just as we hear each other, sounds from our surroundings etc. Analog sound is not processed by any binary codes, unlike digital sound. Even in the digital domain,…