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Bitwig 6th birthday promotion

Posted On26/03/2020
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We at Bitwig hope you and yours are safely making it thru this time. And as in most times of trial, we hope art sustains your spirit.

Six years ago today we launched Bitwig Studio 1.0, and for the occasion we are teaming up with Berlin-based plug-in makers u-he to offer you a special deal: Buy Bitwig Studio, get a plug-in .

Purchase a Bitwig Studio license (Bitwig Studio EDU, Upgrade From 8-Track, or 16-Track included) today, and choose between u-he’s Repro or Presswerk as a free gift (you save up to Rs. 13.000).

This is your chance to get a copy of an award-winning DAW, and a fantastic sounding synthesizer or compressor. Like all u-he plug-ins, Repro and Presswerk load seamlessly in any project in Bitwig Studio, benefiting from Bitwig Studio’s unique plug-in hosting technology,
powerful editing tools, and modulation system. And you can even browse u-he’s own presets in Bitwig Studio’s powerful browsers.
This offer ends April 9, so don’t hesitate.

About u-he
“Our products are labours of love, and it shows.” is how Berlin-based plugin makers u-he sum up their company philosophy. With an impressive product range of synthesizer and effect plugins, u-he have made a special place for themselves in the industry. They are known for
high-quality products, oozing with vibe, depth, and musicality.

With Repro you get fantastic-sounding recreations of two famous analog synthesizers. Repro offers excellent analog synth fun of the highest order. Repro offers modern flexibility and versatility, yet its character stays true to the original:
“Every detail of the original was captured using component-level modelling technology to create the most authentic model possible. All the subtle characteristics and quirks found in the originals are present in Repro.”

Presswerk is a “Dynamic processor with musical soul.” It’s a versatile compressor with detailed controls, built-in saturation, and side-chaining. It can do both subtle and extreme, and goes well beyond being an emulation of a single hardware compressor:
“Presswerk is a toolkit, drawing ideas and inspiration from a number of sources. It starts with the warmth of classic analogue units and adds features only possible in the digital realm. The result is a powerful compressor with a rich feature set and a very musical soul.”

Here’s How
After you’ve purchased and registered your Bitwig Studio license you will receive an email describing the next steps. Simply put, you let us know which one of the two plug-ins you’d like to get and we’ll take it from there.

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