Create user account and register Bitwig serial

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Create user account and register Bitwig serial

Posted On04/03/2020
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Read the Getting Started Guide for Bitwig Studio here >>

(with active internet connection on your computer):

After you purchase the Bitwig Studio serial from, create a Bitwig user account here >>

Once done (or if you already had a user account), log into your user account here >>

Add your purchased Serial Number in the empty boxes seen in the user area and follow the on-screen instructions).

(Download the latest installation file for your Mac / PC / Linux OS, as applicable.)

When you run the Bitwig software for the first time, it will activate the software automatically with your username and password entered correctly. Make sure the Internet connection is on.

NOTE: This is just a one-time process.


If your computer cannot access the internet, you can activate Bitwig Studio offline.

To do so, launch Bitwig Studio on the computer you wish to use. If the computer has not been activated, you will see the option to “Create Activation Request File” upon launch of the Bitwig software. Save this file to a portable drive or USB Stick, and bring the file to any computer with internet access.

The steps 1-3 for offline activation are explained here >>

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