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Transcendence of two musical worlds

Posted On10/06/2019
A 24-minute delayed commencement to an Indian concert is not only a pleasant surprise, but also becomes the potential precursor for a memorable concert, and so it was on June 8, 2109 at Mumbai’s…
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eLicenser keys explained

Posted On14/05/2019
Buying original music software - DAW and plugins - always makes you feel happy and proud within. And that is a legal requirement for any commercial work done from home / an institute / a recording…
Sound setup in action

Know Your Sound Guy.

Posted On27/04/2019
It was a hot April afternoon (read: 43 degrees Celsius), and i got a chance to attend the sound-check of a band that was visiting from another city. They had brought along their own FOH (Front Of…
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Orchestral Sounds #2

Posted On18/04/2019
Hi Everyone! This is my 2nd post in my Orchestral Sounds Series. First off, how many of you were able to take part in the Quiz at the end of my last post? If you did, and you answered with roughly…

Another brick in the digital wall

Posted On10/04/2019
Vinyl Records are back, and how! Vinyl sales grew by double digits last year, moving nearly 10 million units in 2018. Vinyl in the U.S. accounted for an estimated 9.7 million album sales in 2018,…