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After you buy a serial number for FL Studio – any version – from in India, follow these steps given below for a smooth and quick installation and activation of your product.

Step 1: Register Your Product serial number here >>
Follow the on-screen instructions carefully – “Sign In” till “Finish” tab.

Step 2: Download the FL Studio software for your computer – PC or Mac or both – from here >>

Step 3: After the download of the installer file is complete, double click to run that file (.exe for Windows and .dmg for macOS).

Step 4: After the installation is successful, open the FL Studio DAW software (from the shortcut created).

Step 5: Once it is opened, in the top menu goto HelpĀ  > About (see the example screen below)

Step 6: Enter your correct Image Line email address and its password in the box opened.

Step 7: Click on “Unlock with Account” and make sure the Internet is active at that time.
If you want to use the product on another computer on which there is no internet connection, then follow these steps to “Unlock with file” >>

Step 8: After a short wait, be patient, you will see another pop-up “The registration succeeded”.

Step 9: FL Studio must be restarted to complete the process.

Step 10: When you now open FL Studio software, to check if the process was successful, navigate back to the about tab – example given below of a successful activation.


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You can upgrade your FL Studio version from any lower to any higher edition. And this is possible at the cheapest prices in the world (including GST) from for India.

  • Alongwith your online order for FL Studio upgrade email us your Image Line user account details (not the password please).
  • Within 3-4 working days (usually its done in 1-2 working days, but no promises being made here), your activation will be done in your Image Line account automatically!!
  • However, you will still have to download a new registration key by accessing your Image Line user account.
    This key is needed to make your purchased software (the upgrade) work.

That’s it! Enjoy your upgrade.

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If you are currently a student or a teacher at a school or college or University, you can buy the FL Studio Signature EDU bundle in India here >>

You just need to scan and email us your valid student ID card, or a letter stating that your are a teacher / educator on your institute’s letterhead at the moment.

Any educational institute in India can order from a minimum of 5 site licenses (and multiples thereof) of FL Studio versions – Fruity / Producer / Signature / All Pluginsat unbelievable discounts!! Contact Us with the number of seats (i.e. licenses) you require for your institute and which version you would like to purchase.

A Site License grants an educational institution the license to use the FL Studio software products on a specified number of the institution’s computers on one campus.
The software may be used for teaching, research, and administrative purposes. Any form of commercial use is explicitly prohibited. Commercial use is defined as use of the software, documentation, or data for any use relating to “for profit” purposes.
This Site License software is not intended to be installed and operated on student-owned computers.
The software belongs solely to the purchasing institution.

What is the difference between the Educational and the full license?

Feature-wise there are no differences.
The difference is in the user license: commercial use is prohibited.

Free, Downloadable, Lifetime Upgrades

All owners of FL Studio-licenses*, whether full, educational or site licenses, get free, downloadable, lifetime upgrades.
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These are some videos you can watch to enhance your production skills in FL Studio. Watch, learn, grow!