FAQs for BuildMyStudio webstore

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Global giants like Amazon got us Indians hooked to “buy now, return in 10 days” in order to build their own customer database, and also get us addicted to their store. Over time, Amazon too has discontinued their “Return in 10 days and get full refund” policy for electronic goods. And rightly so.

Worldwide, software once sold is not taken back by the sellers under any circumstances. You can always re-sell it or transfer it to someone else in your music circle if not needed. We have introduced a new service to help you do so here >>

But what if you end up getting a product (i.e. hardware) that is defective upon arrival? In such a case, once the brand’s authorised service centre checks it thoroughly and confirms the manufacturing defect, we will definitely have it replaced at no extra cost. A little patience is requested in such cases. So far in 17+ years of our business operations, we may have had only 2-3 such cases! But nevertheless, we are here to stand with you and provide the required support EVEN AFTER PRODUCT WARRANTY EXPIRES.

Our only request is that you be sure of what you want and then place an order on our webstore. If not sure of what to order, you can always email us or call us to know more information on the product.

Read our detailed RETURNS POLICY here >>