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SudeepAudio.com is the exclusive dealer of Melodyne and AutoTune software in India!

The biggest difference between Melodyne and Auto-Tune is that Auto-Tune is a realtime linear form of tuning, where as Melodyne is offline and nonlinear.

Buy Celemony and Antares products in India


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Though there is no simple, direct answer to this question, here are some comparison videos compiled for you to watch and arrive at a decision yourself.

Please remember, buy and use the software that YOU find comfortable to work with and not just because some star musician is using it. Many companies allow you to use a trial version for a week or upto a month. Try using these to arrive at your OWN decision.

Our recommendation for Beginners: FL Studio Fruity or Producer Edition – works on PC and Mac. Buy it at the cheapest price here >>

Finally, it is the music that you produce which resonates with the listeners, and not the DAW which you used.

To buy DAWs in India, go here >>


P.S. Apple Logic Pro is available directly and only on their online App OS store. So this has to be bought via your Apple computer only.

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You can run more plug-ins with lower latency inside the DAW using USB 3 compared to FireWire. Generally, USB 3.0 has 5 times the bandwidth FireWire 800, and up to 10 times that of USB-2.

FireWire Limits you to 55 stereo UAD plug-in instances at 44.1kHz and 512 minimum sample buffer. USB 3.0 does not incur this added buffer, and hundreds of plug-in instances can be run (depending on available DSP power).

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There are several products that require a physical eLicenser USB key required to operate the software. For example: Cubase, Nuendo, Vienna Instrument libraries, etc. You have two options to buy such a key from – Steinberg and Vienna Instruments.

Which eLicenser key should you then buy? Well, the one that is available on our #BuildMyStudio webstore 🙂

Read more about this here…

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SINGLE EDU LICENSE (is for only Signature Bundle)

If you are currently a student or a teacher at a school or college or University, you can order the FL Studio Signature EDU bundle in India here >>

Alongwit your order, you just need to scan and email us your valid ID card, or a letter stating that your are a teacher / educator on your institute’s letterhead.


MULTIPLE SEAT EDU LICENSE (eligible for Fruity / Producer / Signature Bundle / ALL Plugins Bundle)

Any educational institute in India can order from a minimum of 5 site licenses (and multiples thereof) of FL Studio versions – Fruity / Producer / Signature / All Pluginsat unbelievable discounts!! Contact Us with the number of seats (i.e. licenses) you require for your institute and which version you would like to purchase.

  • A Site License grants an educational institution the license to use the FL Studio software products on a specified number of the institution’s computers on one campus.
  • The software may be used for teaching, research, and administrative purposes. Any form of commercial use is explicitly prohibited. Commercial use is defined as use of the software, documentation, or data for any use relating to “for profit” purposes.
  • This Site License software is not intended to be installed and operated on student-owned computers.
  • The software belongs solely to the purchasing institution.

Free, Downloadable, Lifetime Upgrades

All owners of FL Studio-licenses*, whether full, educational or site licenses, get free, downloadable, lifetime upgrades.

What is the difference between the EDUcational and the full license?

  • Feature-wise there are no differences.
  • The difference is in the user license terms: commercial use is prohibited.


Can I change my Educational program to a full license program?

Suppose you feel you have made a great song in your FL Studio Educational program, and want to sell it or release it online? Or put the song on YouTube with some ads on it?
This isn’t possible, as your educational license does not allow ‘for profit’ use.


Upgrade your Educational license to a full license.

To upgrade your FL Studio version, educational license, to an FL Studio commercial license, please follow the below instructions:
Step 1. Register your serial number here http://serialregistration.image-line.com
-> If your FL Studio version, educational license, is already activated on your existing ‘my account’ page then skip this step 1.

Step 2. Sign in to your ‘my account’ page using your email address and your personal selected password.

Step 3. Buy the upgrade from the Image Line web-shop: “Upgrade from FL Studio Educational to Full program license
(to see this option, you need to be logged into your account before entering the Image Line shop).

The upgrade to full version will be displayed under the ‘my licenses’ section after purchase.