Installing Altiverb 7

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Installing Altiverb 7

Posted On09/12/2019
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After purchasing your serial from for Altiverb 7 – Regular or XL – follow these instructions for installation.

Install iLok software
First please make sure you have installed the latest ilok software from:

Get the Altiverb 7 license
If you do not have the Altiverb 7 license on your ilok account yet, you can request it here:

Then run the ilok license manager app, log in to your account and choose to activate the Altiverb 7 license to your iLok (2nd generation or up) key. Once you did this you can install and use Altiverb 7 on any Mac or PC you connect this ilok key to.

Request an Altiverb 7 downloads email
To get the latest Altiverb 7 installer, please request a link to the current downloads page at:

Full install
Check your email, open the downloads page from the link in the email and then proceed to download the latest first time full Altiverb 7 installer (that is the large 5 GB download, not the plug-in updater).

Once the download is finished double click the zip file and then run the Altiverb 7 installer to install Altiverb 7.
The installer will ask you where to install the impulse responses and what plug-ins to install (or at what locations, on Windows) and it will then proceed to install Altiverb 7 and all impulse responses.

Then open your DAW and you will find Altiverb 7 is available as effect ready to add reverb to your audio.

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