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7 common myths about room acoustics!

Posted On11/03/2019
A great hi-fidelity (Hi-Fi) or a sound recording setup often requires a lot of investment, but then the system still doesn’t sound right to you. Unfortunately, even the most expensive system on its…
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Hart-felt Blues? You Beth!

Posted On18/02/2019
On “Medicine Jar” [from Wings’ ‘Venus And Mars’ album], former Beatles Paul McCartney sang about “there's more to life than blues…” but, fortunately, he was not talking about the…

RME FireFace UCX Review

Posted On10/01/2018
A small yet powerful package from RME featuring a decent number of Digital and Analog I/Os with two Microphone Preamps. Yes, it is the Fireface UCX. I have been using this audio interface ever since…

Sound engineering skills grow with each project…

Posted On19/12/2017
There is nothing against schools of audio engineering being written here. Infact, their existence is very much needed. It’s a different story that the quality of courses being offered by some…