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AutoTune Pro 9.1 update process

Posted On20/11/2019
Here's what you need to know before updating to v9.1 It's an important and free maintenance update ​It's free for anyone who owns Auto-Tune Pro. It includes important improvements and bug fixes.…

7 common myths about room acoustics!

Posted On11/03/2019
A great hi-fidelity (Hi-Fi) or a sound recording setup often requires a lot of investment, but then the system still doesn’t sound right to you. Unfortunately, even the most expensive system on its…

To Rent or To Buy a property for your studio? A financial take.

Posted On13/12/2017
You want to set up your own studio. But cannot decide whether to buy or rent a property? Read on and then make a “sound” decision. Numbers speak for themselves just like your meters indicate. And…