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eLicenser keys explained

Posted On14/05/2019
Buying original music software - DAW and plugins - always makes you feel happy and proud within. And that is a legal requirement for any commercial work done from home / an institute / a recording…

RME FireFace UCX Review

Posted On10/01/2018
A small yet powerful package from RME featuring a decent number of Digital and Analog I/Os with two Microphone Preamps. Yes, it is the Fireface UCX. I have been using this audio interface ever since…
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Use of Direct Injection (DI) box

Posted On12/12/2017
DI (DIRECT INJECTION) BOX It takes unbalanced inputs, and coverts them to a balanced output. In addition to this, many DI boxes offer the ability to take an instrument level input (such as a guitar…