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India's largest distributor of original music software

Slate Digital provides digital software and hardware solutions to the entertainment industry. In business since 2008, they strive to produce innovative products of exceptional quality.

Slate Digital software requires iLok2 key for authorization and use. If you don't have one, order it here.

To help you get started with the installation faster (1-2 working days), all Slate Digital software products will be sent to you on email. Sudeep Audio is the sole, exclusive distributor of the Slate Digital products in India.

Categories -
Drum Replacers
Expansion Packs
Virtual Instruments
Price Range -
1 to 5000
5001 to 10000
10001 to 20000
20001 to 40000
40001 to 60000
60001 to 80000
80001 to 120000
120001 and above
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