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Thank you for interest in wanting to buy from SudeepAudio.com. You must have checked on other webstores, before deciding on SA. Like the high precision equipments we sell, we are very sensitive to the standards of the products we distribute / retail.

Even then, there may be the rarest instances of manufacturing defects. The RETURNS POLICY as explained below, is based on such situations.

Unlike many other products available online, the electronic items as available on SudeepAudio.com store are not only very delicate, expensive, and of high technology, but also would be either unusable altogether, or, require considerable refurbishment to make them as good as new, in case they are to be resold, once returned.

Therefore, it is our earnest request you to be sure of what you are buying and only then proceed to order, as we have a no returns policy.

If you have any difficulty in making a choice, you are more than welcome to call us or email us to iron out any confusions in matters of selection. We will try to guide you to the best of our abilities, so that you get the item of your choice.

So please place an order only after you know what you want, be that via recommendations of friends / existing users / your own experiences of a product or brand, for a smooth and safe shopping experience on the SudeepAudio.com store.

What if I receive a defective hardware unit?

In the extremely rare situation, that you have received a defective product, we would be happy to receive your call at our support team phone +91. 22. 6522 4005, and you will be put on to the Tech Support specialist of that brand. Or, you can simply email us the issues being faced by you and we'll respond quickly with assistance.

• After receiving such a product back from you within 7 (seven) days of the sales invoice date, in case the authorised service centre determines that the problem is indeed due to a manufacturing defect, the product will be replaced immediately to you at no extra cost, subject to availability at that time.

No exchange for another product or any refund requests in such matters will be or can be entertained.

However, if the brand's authorised service centre finds no problem with the unit claimed to be faulty, the goods will be sent back to you with their report; and in such a case, the to and fro freight expenses will have to be borne by the customer.

Within standard manufacturer warranty period as well, the above procedure will hold.

However, rest assured, we will hold your hand throughout the warranty period and even beyond as may be necessary.

SOFTWARE products once purchased are not returnable under any circumstances.

However, if the physical media (CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/Hard drive/iLok/eLicenser/data key) you receive is found with a manufacturing defect within 7 (seven) days of the sales invoice date, we will follow the returns procedure given above and resolve it at the earliest for you.

What if I "do not like" the product purchased (hardware / software)?

In the event that you find that the product you purchased in "not upto the mark" or that you don't like the "feel of the keys" or "doesn't sound good" or "i just changed my mind!" for instance, we will not be able to exchange, nor cancel the order placed.

You will appreciate that these are expensive electronic goods / software; and once opened and used or not, unless there is a manufacturing defect determined by the authorised service centre of the brand, we cannot take back the goods, as the product becomes unusable for a potential buyer unless refurbished at great effort, example, headphones, which are subject to hygiene situations.

All original software is imported upon order. And whether the box is opened or not / whether the serial number is registered or not, we donot take back the goods once ordered for.

Product features, videos, photos, etc are all given on product pages in great details to assist you.

To help you resell equipments which you don't want, newly bought or old, we have a Clearance Corner service on our website - at no extra charges - that will help you advertise your equipment within the Indian music community.
And this is a direct buyer-seller connect without any role played by us in such matters.

Important Notes:

Buying on the Internet is perceived to be unsafe in India. We do not know about others, but not with SudeepAudio.com.
Read our Customer Testimonials to know why we say so.

We sell only original and legally imported goods - both hardware and software - and give you a tax paid invoice with assured after sales service.

Our webstore has powerful filters, product comparison features across brands and categories that will assist you in arriving at a purchase decision, and help you buy with confidence.

Once again, feel free to call us or email us for any help or clarification you need while ordering.

Happy shopping...

- Team SA