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 LESSONS in Indian Music

Flute Lesson 1

The Bamboo Flute is probably the only musical instrument, which is practically present in each country on the earth and that also for thousands of years. Undoubtedly it is one of the simplest instruments, at least to make one!

It is nothing but a hollow piece of bamboo and several holes on it, thus being one of the very few naturally present musical instruments in the world. Maybe that is the reason why it is ubiquitous.

The Instrument : The Indian Bamboo Flute is actually nothing but a piece of bamboo, with several holes on it. In most of the cases, besides the one that is used for blowing, there are 6-7 holes. But some times there can be 8 or even more holes for producing different notes. The bamboo, though completely hollow, is deliberately closed on the end just next to the blowing hole.

Bamboo Flutes.

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