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 LESSONS in Indian Music

Flute Lesson 4

How to hold your flute Bamboo flutes come in different sizes, which makes them sound dramatically different.

For almost anybody it is easy to hold and play a small flute. But the moment you try to play a bigger flute, say, one which is around 60 cm long or is pitched to F, and/or if the way you are holding the flute is not correct, assure yourself that it is going to be extremely painful, if not impossible!

Add to this the fact that you are expected to practice as much as possible, may be several hours a day! Here are a few pictures, taken with different angles. Study them carefully, as it is vitally important.

The blowing hole should be almost at the exact center of the lower lip. The flute should be placed under the lip and not 'on' the lip. It actually doesn't matter whether you hold the flute on the left side of your body or on the right side. But if in future you intend to play any western key instrument like Saxophone, Key (Silver) Flute, Clarinet etc. this it will be advisable to hold the Bamboo flute on your right side of the body [Left hand nearer to the blowing hole]

Hot Tips Don't hold the flute too hard. Not to worry, it won't run away! But it doesn't mean that you hold it so loose that the flute will fall down! Try to pull both your little fingers down. It automatically increases the pressure of the ring finger on the flute. Curve your fingers along the body of flute. It helps in a better grip. Press the flute firmly on the lower side of the lip. Use the tongue to see whether the flute is on the "center of the lip-position".

When you open all the holes, use the little finger of the hand away from the blowing hole to support. Exercises Try to hold the flute against the lip and 'open' all the holes. Try to get up and sit down with flute in the same position (where the flute is held only by thumbs of both the hands, with the little finger of the hand far away from the mouth).

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