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Flute Lesson 5

Blowing Techniques : When you play flute, what all you do is blow into it to produce sound & then open or close the holes of the flute to get different sounds or notes! Even the maestro Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia also does the same thing! And that's all!

Now lifting fingers looks simple ... anybody can do it! And blowing? Oh! I am sure it won't be that troublesome! It is simple ... as far as you are able to produce sound through the flute! The basic idea is quite simple. You must have created a squeaky whistle from a pen cap in your school days. The technique is quite the same. You keep the flute under you lip and with changing the angle (see the pic.) and try to produce the sound. But let me warn you ... It is not all as simple as you might be thinking.

If you get it quite naturally then you are lucky and just have to practice more to get the right tone (listen to audio), And if you are not lucky enough .. then you will have to practice more! (In short you will have to practice!) At the same time do not get nervous, if you are unable to get the sound out of the flute in the first try ... Keep trying, I am sure everyone will get it.

But honestly speaking (or writing!) it will be advisable to find any Bamboo or Metal Key flute player and ask him/her the difficulties you are facing. The blowing technique of both the flutes is highly similar ... So, here the sound-dip shows the flutes is highly similar ... Here the sound-dip shows the correct sound and incorrect or not so good sound (it is thinner and unstable) So to begin with, breath in fully and blow softly.

Note : Never blow hard, you might not get any sound at all ! Try to produce a 10000ng note once, twice, thrice, ... just keep trying and doing. It shall give your blowing some stability as well as consistency so ... start!

Hot Tips Never blow hard, especially on the bigger flutes. Remember bigger the flute, softer the blowing. Never close all holes & try to get the sound. It will be much easier to get the sound, when all holes will be open on at the most the top one (nearer to the mouth) will be closed. Try changing the angle of the flute if you don't get any sound. Turn the flute inside & outside. And then still if you don't get a sound take it away from the mouth & then start from the beginning again!

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Listen to the Flute.

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