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 LESSONS in Indian Music

Santoor : Lesson 1

Though the Santoor has catapulted into public consciousness only lately, it is actually one of our oldest Indian instruments. Considered the predecessor of the piano, it was originally known as the Shatatantri Veena because of the hundred strings on its body.

It exudes extremely delicate sounds, reminiscent of those produced by pianos or harps. Since the Santoor does not have a facility for Meend and Aandolan and is played by striking it, it lends itself primarily to rhythmic music. It is natural that gypsies should have used it for dance accompaniment.

There is a Persian instrument called Santoor as well. The Santoor essentially belongs to the north of India. A folk instrument, it was widely used in the Kashmir valley for song accompaniment. It is to Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma's credit that he raised this instrument to the north Indian classical level.

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