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 LESSONS in Indian Music

Tabla Lesson 2

Basic Tabla Bols

Na or Ta

This is the primary bol of the Tabla. It is played only on the Tabla - (the right part). It is necessary to place the tips of your fingers on the tabla as shown in the photograph. You have to strike the finger gently on the skin and never to hit very hard.

Ge (Ghe)

It is the primary bol of the Dagga (Bayan). This bol can be played by using the middle finger of the left hand or by using the middle and ring fingers together. Sometimes in the faster tempo these two fingers are even alternated to produce these bols. It is very important to place the wrist behind the shai and not on the shai.


Exercise 1


1 2 3 4
Ge Ge Na Na

To begin with, try to play the above lesson in a slow tempo.

Here are some combinations for practice
You are expected to play and try to create more and more combinations like these.


Combination 1 Ge Ge Na Na
Combination 2 Ge Na Na Ge
Combination 3 Na Ge Ge Na
Combination 4 Ge Na Ge Na


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