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Young and fresh in the studio: Karan Kulkarni || SudeepAudio.com
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 Voice-Over Artistes (VOs)

We are endeavouring to bring to you talented VOs from across India and the world.


Ameen Sayani  Mumbai 
Anuraag Pandey  Mumbai 
Ashish Joshi  Mumbai 
Craig Travasso  Mumbai 
Darrpan Mehta  Mumbai 
Harish Bhimani  Mumbai 
Karan Singh  Dubai 
Lalit Sharma  Mumbai 
Sorabh Pant  Mumbai 
Vaishali Sharma  USA 
Vineet Kumar Sharma  Kolkata 
Abha Dawesar  New York 
Anil Mani  Mumbai 
Nazneen Madan  Mumbai 
Roshan Abbas  Mumbai 

If you are a VO artiste yourself / know of any, and would like to be featured here, send us :
(1) Your complete biodata
(2) Two different photographs
(3) An audio recording (on a tape / CD) exhibiting your talent

Write to us for further details.

There is no charge for this feature as of now.

Your details will be judged by a panel of experts (established artistes, music directors, etc.) before your homepage is created in this section.