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 Music Bands / Groups

We are endeavouring to bring to you talented music bands from across India and the world.
SurAurSaaz is a musical venture (promoted by SudeepAudio.com) to arrange music concerts for such talented artistes. Click here to know more...


Akash Rock / Pop Band  Mumbai 
Colonial Cousins  Mumbai 
Krosswindz  Kolkata 
Manish Sanjeev  Seattle 
Metakix  Navi Mumbai 
Nandoo Bhende Band  Mumbai 
Noor  Navi Mumbai 
Rhythm Asia  Mumbai 
Roxygen  Chennai 
Sound Sleep  Chennai 
The M Majors  Mumbai 
A Band of Boys  Mumbai 
AaTmAa  Chennai 
Asha Musical Group  Mumbai 
Bombay Black  Mumbai 
Bombay Vikings  Mumbai 
Dementra  Mumbai 
Madras String Quartet  Chennai 
Pralay  Mumbai 
Psychomotor  Mumbai 
Rock N Raga  New Delhi 
Silk  Mumbai 
WonderNow!  Bangalore 

If you are a part of a music band or know of any, and would like to be featured here, send us :
(1) The band's complete profile
(2) Two photographs (group pictures)
(3) An audio recording (on a tape / CD)

Write to us for further details.

There is no charge for this feature as of now.

Your details will be judged by a panel of experts (established artistes, music directors, etc.) before your homepage is created in this section.