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 About the Artiste

Siraj Khan,Mumbai

Belonging to the illustrious Mewati Gharana founded by Ustad Nazeer Khan, a vocalist in the Gwalior Gharana, Siraj Khan's music reflects the eternal essence of the Sitar.

Siraj Khan was born in Indore. His initial training included tutelage under the inimitable Ustad Vilayat Khan. Under the Guru Shishya parampara of Mewati Gharana, he received intense training, refinement and perfection under his cousin, the magnificent Ustad Rais Khan.

Siraj's Khaas Taaleem includes learning of different bandishes in different ragas from his grandfather, the great Ustad Gulam Quder Khan. He has performed at various music festivals in India besides Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

At present Siraj continues to spread the musical message of the gharana in true guru-shishya parampara.

Email: ustadofmizrab@yahoo.com