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Late Pt. Vinayak Vora,Mumbai

Late Pt. Vinayak Vora was one of the few exponents of Dilruba and Tar-Shehnai in India, and he weild them with equal originality and virtuosity.

Born in 1929 at Kachchh-Mandvi in Gujarat, in a cultured family of musicians and scholars, Pt. Vora inherited his devotion to music from his father, Acharya Nanalal Vora.

Along with his academic education, Pt. Vora benefited from the long and relentless grooming in Vocal and Instrumental music from his father. Later, at Mumbai, he came under the influence of the late Pt. Yeshwant Purohit, a leading exponent of Kirana Gharana. The delicacy and sensitiveness of his mentor's style is beautifully reflected in Pt. Vora's performance.

Inspite of a long association with All India Radio - Bombay, Pt. Vora continued to be a much sought after artiste for enlistment both as a Soloist and as an Accompanist in several sangeet sammelans in India and abroad. He also has won several awards for his compositions and contribution to the field of music.

Pt. Vora was also on the SurAurSaaz jury panel (setup by SudeepAudio.com).

He is survived by his wife and two sons - Neeraj and Uttank. Neeraj Vora is a famous Bollywood writer and director. Uttank Vora is a music composer for several ongoing TV serials and Bollywood films.

For Pt. Vinayak Vora's collection of recordings and albums, you can write to the email id mentioned here.

email: uttankvora@hotmail.com