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 About the Artiste

Vajahat Hussain Khan,Mumbai

Vajahat Hussain is the second son of Gayan Samrat Usatd Azmat Hussain Khan Dilrang who was a great doyen of Indian music and an excellent poet, from the Atrauli (Jaipur) Gharana, Khurja Gharana and also the Agra Gharana. Vajahat Hussain has inherited the talent of different Gharanas with which his father belonged.

It is hardly a surprise that Vajahat took music from an early age, like the proverbial fish to water. At school and college, he won several laurels like Talat Mehmood Trophy in 1973 and the Inter-collegiate Ghazal trophy in 1979. He has also been a leading member of All India Radio Choral group along with Anup Jalota, Shubha Joshi, Neelam Sahani etc.

Vajahat has given several concerts in major music circles like Sur Singar Samsad, St. Xavier's Music Circle, etc. He has also peformed in U.K., UAE, Africa and Pakistan. His first L.P. record "Aashna" and "Mahak" were released by Music India in 1987.

Born in Bombay, Vajahat Hussain is an extremely talented singer, composer, writer and poet. He has a sonorous and graceful voice. He has a strong wish to promote and follow the deeds and footsteps of his great ancestors whose musical 'Parampara' has served the nation for nearly five centuries.

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