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 About the Artiste

Meeta Pandit,New Delhi

Acknowledged as the scion of the Gwalior musical gharana, Meeta Pandit is acclaimed as one of the most promising young musicians of today.

Deep-rooted in the traditional eight fold style of singing (ashtang gayaki), Meeta excels in the exposition, elaboration and interpretation of the intricate patterns of Ragas of the Khayal style, with all the variations, modulations and split second precisions. Acknowledged musicians of the day have been generous in showering praise for her music. She has emerged as a shining star in the world of classical music.Her melodious and robust voice coupled with intricate handling of ragas has won her admirers - young and the old alike.

Meeta is the sixth in the unbroken lineage of musicians of the legendary Pandit family of Gwalior. Having been groomed in with meticulous care first by her grandfather Padma Bhushan Pt Krishnarao Shankar Pandit and then by her father and guru Pt. L K Pandit, Meeta has the unique distinction of being the first female musician in the family. The responsibility of upholding the exalted standards of the Gwalior Gharana suddenly fell on her shoulders after the tragic and untimely demise of her elder brother Tushar Pandit at a very young age. Tushar was always a great source of inspiration for Meeta.

Her debut album 'FOOTSTEPS' has been released by Music Today.
She is an `A’ grade artist of AIR and Doordarshan and regularly features on other television channels as well.

Meeta has completed her B.Com (Honours) degree from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi.She has a Doctorate in Music, having done her doctoral thesis on `Contribution of the Pandit Family of Gwalior Gharana to Hindustani Music’.

Some unique Projects
* Geet Govind - Project on Astapadis of Swami JAIDEV by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
* Singing for the poetic dance drama on the lyrics of Ramakant Aswathi & Bashir Badra
* The crossing Project - by the Xerox Modicorp Limited.
* Assisting in the Music Direction of the drama 'TANSEN'