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 About the Artiste

Abbas Alvi,Australia

With a background of extensive dual training and experience in Indian and Western music, Composer, Poet, Singer & actor, A. R. Alvi is currently engaged in musical areas such as :
Traditional Hindustani Music
Mainstream Film & Dance compositions
Fusing of the Indian and other world music elements for a new creative musical dimension.

A. R. Alvi has studied North Indian Gazal singing in India and was awarded the Best Gazal Singer prize in 1970 at an inter-University competition. He also studied mainstream western compositions in Moscow between 1971 and 1975. In 1973, A.R. Alvi formed "Geetika", an Indian orchestra in Moscow, in which he was the lead guitarist and lead vocal singer.

The development and advances in the world electronic music has motivated A R Alvi to devote more of his creative efforts to musical compositions. Now, A R Alvi writes songs and composes music. His compositions have been performed and broadcasted in Australia and overseas.

Fusing these eastern and western influences, A R Alvi blends a wide array of musical instrument sounds including Guitar, Sitar, Tabla , Percussion, Bass, Vocals, Synthesizer, Wind, String Quartet and Traditional Instruments, drawing upon diverse Indian Ragas and World Music.

Few of his highly acclaimed musical compositions include:
Dooriyan: Captures the feeling of the Australian Migrants from India. A fusion of Indian and Australian sounds that is a unique first by an Australian artists. Lyrics of the songs were written by Gopaldas Neeraj , Ahmad Faraz , Manzar Bhopali, Sagar Khayami , Sibetain Najmi , Ashraf Shad , Shabbir Haider , Abbas Raza Alvi & Anita Barar. Funds raised by this CD were used to provide the scholarship to most deserving students of India. Dooriyan was released during Olympic games in Sydney in 2000.

Sandesh: Six tracks of music composed by A.R. Alvi set to selected poetry for the generation of funds for the benevolent funds in Australia

Girrmit: A music project about the Fiji Indians.

Projects In Production:
Nazdeekiyan: A project under composition based on the style of the Bollywood Film Industry and fusion of the world music.

Ganga: A unique music CD aimed at creating some remediation projects to improve environment and pollution control aspects of this holy river.

Poetry of Abbas Raza Alvi:
Hindi & Urdu poetry of A R Alvi is widely published in Hindi & Urdu magazines

Further, these entire activities mirror his consuming artistic preoccupation with psychic and emotional impact of world sounds that influence multi-cultural Australia and peace in the world.

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email: alvis@bigpond.net.au