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 About the Artiste

Debasish Upadhyey,Udaipur

Debasish Upadhyey, born on 10th October 1980, was born in a family well known for their interest in music. Since his childhood, Music and Computers have been the centre of attraction for him. His formal lessons to play Keyboard (and also to work with Computers) began at the age of 11. Debashish now works in his own studio at home. Some of the music gears in his studio include the well known Keyboard - KORG TRITON Music Workstation/Sampler and a state of the art audio interface from MOTU. After completing his PG Diploma in Computer Science and clearing XIIth standard, he composed and sequenced the tracks of two albums - CREATION and DREAMS. In fact many people were astonished to hear professional quality sequencing work from a home-keyboard.

Now he uses top of the line sample libraries and also his own sampled sounds.

The album "CREATION" was completed in April 2001 and "DREAMS" was ready by July 2001. The lyrics of DREAMS were written by the former Information and Communication minister - Dr. Girija Vyas. He has worked on a fusion project (in early 2002) involving Mohan Veena (Modified Guitar) and Keyboard along with his father - Dr. Raghu Upadhyay.
This album was named "Transcendental Journey".

His work bank also consists of a POP album (made in 2002), which has been compiled entirely by himself. Starting from the lyrics to the composing, to music arranging, programming, singing and finally down to the Mixing and Mastering, everything has done by him alone.

In 2005 he composed music for an International project, in which he completely re composed old folk songs. This album is gaining popularity in abroad.

His latest work is a album of Bhajans, which is an unique and unorthodox approach towards devotional songs.

email: debasish.upadhyey@gmail.com