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 About the Artiste

Haresh Bakshi,USA

Born, brought up, educated in Science (M.Sc.) and Music, in Gujarat, India. Music training in guru-shishya-parampara under guidance of Pandit Eknath Padgaonkar, and Ustad Gulam Kader Khan, both of Gwalior gharana. Received guidance also from Narendra Shukla of Agra gharana, and Gajananrao Joshi.

Lived in Mumbai for 20 years, doing computers and music. Composed and directed music for about 75 audio cassettes, most of them recorded at Sudeep Studio, Mumbai.

Performed at All India Radio, and TV, Mumbai. Moved to America in 1992. Currently active in the study of Western music, Tuning and Temperament. Recently started contributing to the genre of World music.

Current activities:
Teaching and performing Indian classical music, ghazals, bhajans, etc; Preparing a CDs-cum-book on popular raga-s; writing articles on music and more. Is also associated as honorary editor with SudeepAudio.com.

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email: hareshbakshi@gmail.com