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 About the Artiste

Kalyan Pathak,USA

Kalyan Pathak is a composer, musician, drummer and a percussion player of a multi cultural experience covering a very vast base. Raised in a musical family in Ahmedabad, India, he began his formal training in Classical North Indian Tabla at the age of 9, and continued this rigorous regimen until he was 15. Soon thereafter, his passion for rhythm led him to broaden his musical horizons, and he spent 5 years in Bombay under the tutelage of Ranjit Barot, devoting himself to western drumset.

In Bombay, Kalyan also found himself extremely busy in the commercial recording circuit playing and programming drums for leading music composers such as Louis Banks, Pyarelal Sharma, Vanraj Bhatia, Ehsaan Noorani, Zubin Balaporia, Leslie Lewis, Shiv Mathur, Ronnie Desai, Anu Mallik, Sharang Dev... and many more.

Kalyan came to Chicago in the early nineties, and in addition to receiving a B.Mus. degree in Jazz studies with honors, he went on to study African, Afro-cuban, Latin and Middle Eastern genres of percussion.

Kalyan has performed with the Chicago Immigrant Orchestra, toured in Europe with Willy Schwarz Band, and he plays regularly with Fareed Haque, the Chicago guitarist of world repute. Leading his own group, Jayho Jazzmata, Kalyan has been performing his compositions blending jazz, blues with Indian ragas and folk influences. Kalyan and Jayho Jazzmata have released a cd on Zilka Records.

email: kalyan@kalyanpathak.com