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Metakix,Navi Mumbai

Four unique musicians translate into Metakix. Each with a distinct style of playing and a mutually complimenting attitude to music. Since non of them are professionally trained in music, it is purely their own lessons that have groomed them into this class of musicians. A class of their own.

The band plays 'Xtreme Music'. A genre they have invented themselves. What kind, how loud, what speed, etc are immaterial to the band. Apart from the 13 songs from the debut album, the band has 10 more songs composed and ready. As time progresses, the audience will be exposed to these thru live shows.

Apart from original compositions, Metakix does play a minimal amount of covers. Mostly when playing at a new venue, to warm-up the crowd that is exposed to their onslaught for the very first time.

Their first album has been released on SoulCurry Records and being distributed by Sony Music India.

Viresh : Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Sheldon: Drums/Percussion (also a saxophone player!!!)
Nicky : Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Zomb : Lead Vocals/Lead & Acoustic Guitar

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email: connect@metakix.com