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Seven years ago a world fusion band with "Shankar Mahadevan" on Vocals, "Sivamani" - World percussion, "Karl Peters" on Bass, "Sridhar Parthasarthi" on Mridangam / Khanjira was formed under the leadership of Louiz Banks on Keyboards.

This very exciting band is now acknowledged as the best Indo Jazz Fusion band in the country. SILK has performed extensively all over India and the USA and in the Middle East and is now poised to make their mark in the world arena. The band has recently released an album of a live recording entitled 'PURE SILK' and has an upcoming album due to be released soon. The Band plays Louis's fusion compositions like 'Encounter', 'Rainsong', 'Shadows', 'Doors of desire', 'Color of Love', 'Desert Song', 'Mas Salaama', 'Churchgate to Borivali' to name a few.

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email: louizbanks@hotmail.com