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Nandoo Bhende Band,Mumbai

Nandoo Bhende is one of India's foremost English Rock/Pop stars and is the pioneer of the Hindi Pop/Disco Remix phenomenon that has engulfed the nation.

The Nandoo Bhende band includes the following members:
Keith Viegas, guitar; Keith has performed with Nandu in the early days of one of Bombay's best Rock bands "Atomic Forest". He went on to front "Sabre Tooth" and later "Band X". He is one of Bombay's leading exponents of Rock guitar.

Ben Fernandez, keyboards; Ben has been one of Bombay's busiest 2+keyboard players and his credits include the Rubber Band (Movers and Shakers).

Keith Pinto, bass guitar; Keith was one of the members of "Sabre Tooth" along with Viegas. He has performed with numerous bands of repute since and is recognized as one of Bombay best bass players.

Willy Fernandes, drums and percussion; the newest member of the band, Willy has rich experience in the genre of Jazz, Funk, R&B etc. He has been one of the original members of the Indi Pop band "Mantra" and has lots of experience with fusion experiments with Indian Classical musicians of repute.

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