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Rhythm Asia,Mumbai

Featuring :
Sivamani: World Percussion, Louis Banks : Keyboards, Niladri : Sitar

The music of Rhythm Asia encompasses influences from all over the world riding on a solid base of Indian Classical Ragas. Most of the compositions are strictly raag based but with western harmonies and orchestration woven into it. That is what makes the music interesting for the musicians as well as the listeners..

The composed themes are just vehicles for interpretation and improvisation making the parameters very wide …allowing plenty of room for improvisation, counterpoint, cross rhythmic explorations, call & response, jugalbandis and pure telepathic encounters.

Sivamani and Louis Banks have been playing together for over 10 years now and have built up a rapport in musical affinity and understanding that just comes together with effortless ease in composing sessions and on-stage performances..

Sivamani is a gifted percussionist.. one of the best in the world.. he always grasps the essence of a composition in the rehearsal session... his inputs and ideas regarding rhythmic variations is invaluable and the composition goes through various metamorphoses as we play the piece..... never sounds the same twice..... and always very exciting .. that is the gift of Sivamani.

Niladri's inclusion into Rhythm Asia came at a later stage because of the need to incorporate traditional Indian Classical techniques and vocabulary into the Band’s repertoire... Niladri is a brilliant, young sitar virtuoso with the unique ability to play pure Indian classical as well as modern world fusion music with great mastery.. this is the kind of versatility that we need to explore in the music of Rhythm Asia..

Niladri just fits in perfectly and he has enriched the music of Rhythm Asia with his superb playing, his understanding of the genre, his compositions, his intuition and most of all - his heart.

The sound of Rhythm Asia is new .. its exciting .. and riding the wave of the 21st century.

email: louizbanks@hotmail.com