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 About the Artiste

Shailesh Bhagwat,Mumbai

Born in 1958, Shailesh has his initial training in playing the Shehnai from Pt. Aurangabadkar and Pt. Maruti Patil (Sitar artiste).

Shailesh is now taking lessons from none other than the "Bharat Ratna" Ustad Bismillah Khan. And its been 29 years of learning with him!

A widely travelled artiste, Shailesh has rendered his recitals at various music festivals in India. His depth, range of his shehnai has a thorough spiritual and scientific approach towards music.

He is also associated with Bollywood in Shehnai recitals for leading music composers of yester-years and even today. Shailesh is also involved in lecture demonstrations for SPIC MACAY and performs for AIR and TV channels.

Email: shehnaai@hotmail.com