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Manish Sanjeev,Seattle

Departing from the formula driven East Indian pop and movie music, the upcoming Seattle based duo Manish Sanjeev embraces a new sensibility with a strong lyric driven songwriting. Featuring a sound that is crisp and groovy, the group has been eliciting promising response from their growing fan base. Manish's clever, timely and insightful songwriting and his layered vocals coupled with Sanjeev's musical compositions of layered guitars, synthesizers, bass, harmonica and catchy rhythms on a collection of originals is what translates into the their debut album “Nazariya”. The release of this album in the US features the group's distinct sound along with a strong stand on an idealist perspective.

Born in Mumbai, Manish started singing at an early age beginning his life long association with creative arts. He has also acted in plays with renowned actors from Indian People’s Theater Association (IPTA) including Rakesh Mehra (“Zaban Sambhal ke” fame), Jaspal Sandhu and Sulbha Arya. He has won more than 40 awards in intra/inter-collegiate competitions ranging from singing, street play, hard-sell, poetry and mono-acting in his school years. He has continued performing in the United States while doing his M.S at Michigan State University. Other than being a software professional with Microsoft he has been a relentless performer with strong emphasis on live performance and along with Sanjeev after the release of their album they are embarking on a busy concert calendar year with shows slated in Australia, New Zealand, Canada. United States and India.

Sanjeev is a self taught musician and song writer and plays guitar, bass, keyboards and harmonica. The experience of listening to rarities and oddities in music and being exposed to different genres of music has sharpened his playing, improvising and compising skills through the years. Raised in the cultural town of Ahmedabad he picked up guitar during his college years and kept honing his talent as a guitarist doing covers of Indian movie music and classic rock besides working on his own original material in India as well as the US. His influences range from folk, world music, classic rock, pop and heavy metal. While doing his M.S. in Architecture he started focusing on music composition and technicalities of sound. He likes the creativity and expression and the power music wields over the souls of people and does numerous shows with various bands from time to time.

As a band, they will be soon on tour across the world and in India too.

email: sanjeevmusic@gmail.com