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 About the Artiste

Anuj Nair,Trivandrum

Anuj is a man of music and musical videos with a difference, and has an absolute zest to restore the essence of music taking along the latest CAD programs!

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His interest in music dates back to his childhood as a dormant factor, receptive to any new sounds and images. Music for Anuj always accompanied with a visualization, which has made him emerge as an idealistic person to create the first 3D animated music video album in India.

Anuj's venture into the world of music as a career started in the 80ís in Music Time, Doordarshan. He needed to take up his role as a contract singer due to his love for music and singing, at the young age. His talent in photography and creative writing took him to the field of photography as well as journalism, always complemented by music as his absolute resort of expression.

Anuj is a musician, composer,director and a humble artist, who is constantly haunted by melodies, most of the time, which takes time to emerge as a full born song. His sleepless nights created 12 English songs in the album Simple Truth.

The first 3D animated Music video My Love for you, shows the funny side of romance from his perspective. The instinct to get attracted is basic whether it be Man or animal... one cannot always take it seriously and worry much in life.

On a deeper sense of reflection are songs titled Dad and Simple Truth which is a sincere acceptance of the fact that we miss out on the most important and precious moments of lives. If 'Dad' is a personal reflection of life and death, emerging from the sudden demise of Anuj's father, 'Simple Truth' is the universal truth that life is same for all, the difference is only the way it is lived.

email: anujindix@yahoo.com