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Primarily a progressive world/rock band, Krosswindz is now focusing on world music and soulful songs, lyric
oriented. Professionally performing concerts all over India for the last thirteen years.

Krosswindz is a crosspollination of rural folk music of india with the sounds of folk traditions from around the world. The result a potpouri of sounds deeply rooted in the soil that touches the heart and speaks the common language of humankind.

Musical Influences
Pat Metheny, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Joni Mitchell, Basudev Baul, Ghulam Ali, Eric Johnson, Sting, Nitin Sawhney, etc.

Group Members
Vikramjit (tuki) lead guitar backing vocals/songwriter/producer, Chandrani - lead vocals/songwriter, Dwaipayan (doi)lead vocals/drums/percussion, Nitin - bass guitar, Ratanjit - keyboards, Avinash-drums.

Krosswindz singles bmg crescendo india, krosswindz poth geche benke - sagarika, krosswindz one world - kosmic music, krosswindz bhebe dekhecho ki - kosmic music.
Compilations : aabar bochor kooree porey mohiner ghoraguli, khyapar gaan mohiner ghoraguli, moni chara shunno laagey various artists, THE MUSIC OF THE GLOBE (joe anthony productions WASHINGTON USA).

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