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"Wonder Now" is the new age Art Of Living youth band that aims at merging music and spirituality, two of the most important stress busters, into one. One of the chief objectives of the band is to produce music that can cut across all barriers of sex, age and religion... music that can help people forget all their tensions and worries. Presently comprising of 3 members- Sahil, Akhil and Sunil, the band looks to produce music adapting the best of the east and the west...the best of the present and the past. The music can be categorised as "God Rock" and is a combination of Art Of Living Bhajans, rock and roll, hip hop and dance music! It can rock your soul and at the same time make you feel totally rejuvinated and refreshed. After only one week of practice, the band had already achieved a solid sound, and the members began to gel together very well.

Sahil Jagtiani s the founding member of the band WONDERNOW! Born in Mumbai on 2nd May 1977, 25 year old Sahil discovered his natural strength and style under the influence of Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji (Guruji), where he came in touch with devotional music. He found himself synchronising soulful and spiritual music in a contemporary blend.

Sunil Chand, the latest addition to the band WONDERNOW!, was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1982 to Sreedevi Chand and Subhas Chand. He is the youngest of three children. He moved with his family to Trivandrum, India in 1994 where he continued his schooling till grade twelve. Since childhood he has shown an interest in music and is a very keen guitarist and vocalist, and has played in several inter-college musical competitions, and won prizes.

Born on the 21st of March, 1979, to Mrs. Radha Shenoy and Dr. K.V.Shenoy, Akhil is the eldest of 3 children. After spending his initial childhood on the I.I.Sc campus in Bangalore where his father was working, he moved to Mangalore in 1985 with his family when his father opted to take a transfer to Mangalore University. He finished his schooling at the Vishwamangala school located on the University campus during which period he also attended a 3 year personality development course as well as had a brief stint at learning Carnatic music. He has won a National award for a project on ornithology.

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