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 About the Artiste

Nikhil Ghia,Mumbai

Besides managing his sound recording studio, BrahmaSonic, and other family businesses, Nikhil Ghia is a keen composer and producer of electro-live music.

Nikhil was always interested in the art of sound and music but decided to pursue an education in business as he needed to cultivate his family businesses. Nikhil did his bachelors in liberal arts from Ohio Wesleyan University, OH, USA, and an MBA from Bryant College RI, USA. Today he has found the time to nurture his passion, composing a fusion of electronic and live music. “I began composing music as a hobby, and it is still a hobby. My formal education in music is limited to a few courses in guitar theory and western classical music that I took as an undergraduate. As time passed I found that getting the sound that I was looking for would be a very expensive pastime so I decided to construct a commercial studio to cover my costs. I plan to do my music whenever we have free studio time.”

The music captures elements from various genres including electronica, jazz, rock, alternative, and Indian classical and takes the listener on an eclectic trip across a wide range of cultural and emotional boundaries.

Sound experimentation is a key facet in all the pieces. In his track, “Sonic Mantra”, morphing synthesizer sounds and reversed violins are supported by traditional tablas, walking bass, and jazz drums.

“I find sticking to traditional and commercial musical boundaries dull. Maybe my lack of formal music education helps me here. All the pieces that I compose are a reflection of one or more life events and emotions that I have experienced. However, I do enjoy composing appealing commercial pieces.” Nikhil under the name “BrahmaSonic” plans to approach Indian and European music labels when he has his album ready, in early 2004.

email: nikhilghia@hotmail.com