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 About the Artiste

Ranjan Sharma,New Delhi

Ranjan started his musical journey only late in life, though he was inclined to it since childhood.

After completing his B.Com, he started as an accounts assistant in 1995 and simultaneously studied for Masters Diploma in Software Engineering.

He then joined an IT company as a Multimedia Producer. That was the place where Ranjan learnt a lot about Audio / Video production and always kept himself updated with the latest developments in electronic music and learnt Indian classical music.

He then started composing music for several CD-ROM's like Mahabharata, Yoga and Meditation, corporate presentations, corporate anthems, jingles etc.

Ranjan got to compose a ghazal album with Sanjay and Sadhana Sargam which was released on HMV. Out of many jingles a few that are being aired on some TV channels are Mughal Mahal Chai, Mt. Kailash Mineral Water, Harsingar Chai, etc.

Ranjan now looks after the Indian branch of Swar Systems, Switzerland. He has composed most of the music for the Aaj Tak TV channel.

And now, Tez (recently launched by TV Today) as well as Headlines Today channels.

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email: ranjan108@bol.net.in