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 About the Artiste

Sangeeta Shankar,Thane

Sangeeta started learning music from her mother at the tender age of 4, and then by the age of 8 her performances were broadcast on television.

On the academic front, Sangeeta got gold medals in Bachelors, Master's and a Ph.D. from Benaras Hindu University.

Her other achievements include :
* Organized young musicians' festival in Varanasi in 1984-85 & 86 'ABHINAV'

* Conceived and created a 26-episode T.V.serial 'Swar-Sadhana' - telecast on Doordarshan in 2000. Swar-Sadhana was made for creating an awareness of Indian classical music among the mass public.

* Founder of Vidyaa Niketan - a proposed cultural centre for the cultural education of women and children.

Sangeeta is the daughter and disciple of the famous violinist Dr N Rajam.
Today, she has made a name for herself in the field of classical music.

Sangeeta runs Legendary Legacy, an organisation that has produced several quality music albums which are now available on SudeepAudio.com.

email: info@legendarylegacy.com