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“ D E M E N T R A ”. The name sound’s pretty weird right ! Well it all started out in 1998 .

” DEMENTRA” a 4 – member project which spelt attitude came into existence. As far as music is concerned DEMENTRA term their music as “Mystery Metal” a blend of Black, Trash, Death Metal and Grunge. A total new genre of a trash form [music] to experience with mind ripping and deep hitting lyrics. They were to release an EP titled “ PIN DROP VIOLENCE ” in 2000, but did not do so since a Friend from an upcoming new age outfit was inspired by the name and decided to use OUR EP title to name his band “ Pin Drop Violence”.

DEMENTRA is a band that totally believes in originality [ ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS ] . Some of their originals are “ Mind of War ”, “Bloodmoon” , “ Hate” , “ Hands of the Enemy” and “ Strangled Hope” .
As far as live acts are concerned the band does not perform live, they are an underground [NONSTAGED PROJECT] metal band and prefer to keep their music underground. They prefer to be different from other bands and allow the net to be their weapon to help the Underground surface.

Besides the band members have always considered their music as a “Hobby [Interest]” never a “Profession”. As far as popularity goes this band became the First , Youngest and Only Indian metal band to be featured on the International “ Metal Rules Magazine” , “The May Fair Mall” , the “Metal Hammer” , “ Fistfull of Metal” and many other websites . DEMENTRA are also one of the bands selected from Asia to be on the “THE UNOFFICIAL TRIBUTE TO JUDAS PRIEST” Compilation CD.

Members : Brian D’Souza - Vocals / Guitars ( Founder , Lyricist , Frontman of DEMENTRA ) Darshan Thakkar – Guitars Kevin D’Souza – Bass / Keyboards Ashwin Thakkar - Drums

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email: briancdsouza@yahoo.co.in