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 About the Artiste

Akash Rock / Pop Band,Mumbai

Akash composes, writes and sings his original songs besides being an actor too.

Alongwith his band, Akash brings to you their original songs, cover versions of Hindi film songs, rock and pop songs (English/Hindi), ghazals, bhangda medley, etc.

They also organise shows and did a Band of Boys concert at Nagpur which drew a crowd of 20,000+. They have also played at Planet M stores in Mumbai. His band played the welcome music for the participants of the beauty paegant for the Miss India International show at Mumbai in the year 2000.

The band includes six musicians, one female singer and Akash as the male lead - who also is a good compere and mimic.

Based on the type of event and budgets, the band also gets with them a dance troupe that consists of four male, four female dancers, one male and one female ballet dancer, etc. A unique item of Akash's troupe is his group of acrobatic dancers (spider man dance, ghost dance, etc.) during their shows.

Another unique module of their shows is of holding a fashion show on a live band. Besides, Akash's band performs sufi songs of 'Junoon' (sayonee, dosti etc.) on stage, which they claim is not done by another music group in India.

So if you wish to get a versatile music group (with many a first time events with a live band) for your college festival, corporate event, etc. you know who to write to.

email: ashaevents@gmail.com