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 About the Artiste

Bombay Black,Mumbai

Not exactly a band, but Bombay Black is more like a community of musicians who like to get together and do music for music’s sake.

Bombay Black music is eclectic fusion as it is a fusion of various styles of music from Jazz and funk to electronika, with two albums under their belt.

The group consists of :
PARESH (Guitars, Voice and synth)
SAMRAT (Groove, Synths and Electro)
LINDSAY (Groove and Percussions)
RANDOLPH (Guitar & Sampling)
VIBHAS "T2" (Groove and Percussions)
ABHIJIT (Synths and Piano)
KURT (Drums & Recycling)
JD (Bass & Synths)
TYRONE (Guitar and Guitar Synth)
NARESH (Bass, Synth)

email: ld_mello@yahoo.com