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 About the Artiste

Lindsay D,Mumbai

This young drummer started off as a performing musician will several Mumbai based bands like Witch-hammer, Modus Operandi, Spice Tribe, etc.

Lindsay played in the fusion outfit "Divya" with whom he performed at the Thailand Jazz Fest in 1996. Two years later he started an Acid Jazz / Funk band and had gigs with Funkadelik Arcade.

With his talent being noticed by other musicians, Lindsay got performing with Lucky Ali, Shaan, K.K. in their shows. Soon he formed "Bombay Black" band with fellow musicians.

Lindsay's biggest break has been to perform alongside rock icons AEROSMITH in Los Angeles in 1999, and then with Jazzmandu at Kathmandu in 2003.

Lindsay has also forayed He now is moving to becoming a music programmer and was involved in songs of the movie - Chameli.

email: ld_mello@yahoo.com