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 About the Artiste

Bhargav Mistry,Udaipur

Bhargav has taken to the sarod with a lot of passion. This shows in his playing too. He not only plays pure classical music but sometimes experiments fusion with other instruments and vocal music. Oboe (a reed based wind instrument), the Spanish Guitar and the Piano are some of his favorite accompaniments. He believes that fusion with the right kind of instruments not only creates interesting music, but also matures the artiste in his mainstream playing.

Bhargav has been learning the Indian Classical music since 1977, the initial training being in vocal music at Bharitaya Sangeet Vidhyalaya at Ahmedabad, under the guidance of Madhuriben Khare. This was followed by learning the basics of Sarod under late Shri Shashikant Gundani in Ahmedabad for over a year.

Later, the passion for Sarod grew and in 1990, found a Guru (teacher) in Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, the world-renowned Sarod maestro. With the guidance and encouragement of Ustadji, a distinct style of playing the instrument has been developed emphasizing more on the aesthetics and imaginative rendering of raga.

Over the years, numerous performances have been given by Bhargav such as Music Department in MS University of Baroda, Blind Men's Association, Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Alliance Francaise at Ahmedabad, Osho Centre, South Indian Cultural Association of Udaipur, Habitat Centre at New Delhi and other private baithaks.

Bhargav also conducts lecture demonstrations. One such presentation was `The Evolution of the Sarod' for a seminar at Maharana Kumbha Sangeet Parishad. The text of this is included in the articles section of this site.

By qualification, Bhargav is an industrial designer, but his passion for sarod has made him continue with his music along with his profession.

email: bhargavmistry@gmail.com