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 About the Artiste


It all began in 1989 when we were seriously injected by God's greatest drug… ROCK 'n' ROLL. It changed the band members' lives and gave them a vision, a dream, a goal to strive for.

The members strongly believe in themselves and the music they create. Originality is what they truly respect and are proud to say that they have paved the way for countless other Indian bands to play their own music.

What was probably missing was someone who believed in them as much as they believed in their music.

Through the journey, the amount of blood, sweat, tears, emotion, energy and pain which had been trapped inside was like a dormant volcano waitng to erupt - thus was born Pralay.

Pralay consists of Adam Avil (lead guitar), Brian Soans (rhythm guitar), Eddie Avil (bass), Joy Duttagupta (drums).

Pralay is the first ever Indian rock band to be considered for a Grammy Nominee in the world music category, for their debut Urban Reality. This speaks a lot about the band.

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