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 About the Artiste

Nikhil Talreja,Navi Mumbai

Nikhil Talreja or NTeDIT, born and brought up in Mumbai, started his musical career with some Euphoria band’s tracks being mixed and released on a website. After listening to his demos, Palash Sen of Euphoria, urged him to make more versions of their songs and then were released.

With a combination of releases on “Times music” as well as “Free spirit”, this artist is not just local. He has a couple of international releases as well, in Germany and France.

NTeDIT calls himself "the man with a musical scissor", with a music to feel in his remixes.

His “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – Dhol Mix” has been on the TOP 3 CLUB HITS (for 3 weeks) on a local FM Radio station. This song is an international release on NAÏVE RECORDS, France. Its a song which has been blended so well with the MI2 tune, especially the beautiful alaaps sung over it. A good crossover which puts an Indian artist on the world music map!

With the war of Djs mushrooming every now and then, NTeDIT is an innovator with a creative difference. A computer engineer by profession, music has always been a passion for him. Putting the right kind of sounds and loops together and churn out some of the most interesting sound and effects... that's the art he has mastered. A “NON STOP MEGA MIX” on the “war of the dj’s -2” as well as “DSP SIZZLING HITS” has been doing the rounds at most of the radio stations, parties and fashion shows.

What inspires the artist is Talvin Singh, A R Rehman and Bally Sagoo. Ambition seems to be endless for him as he says "innovation never ends till you have the soul to create". Academicaaly, Nikhil is a computer Engineer from Rajeev Gandhi Institute, Versova. His hobbies include Programming, making web sites. But music remains his passion.

email: nikhiltalreja@gmail.com